• New Horizon Programs

    New Horizon Programs is a non-profit rehab located in Hermiston, Oregon.

New Horizon Programs

Is licensed and accredited through the Oregon state Health Autority licensing criteria to the rule OAR 309-032 1500 through 309-1565 culturally specific and linguistic services. NHP has developed an outreach program to help farm workers with many resources. Have been in operation since 2003 and has partnership with P.O.F. and FEMA

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All Services Offered Are Designed To

  • 01

    Meet the needs of the client to help them as best as possible.

  • 02

    Resolve employment conflicts to ensure compliance.

  • 03

    Ensure the client meets all legal requirements.

  • 04

    Is affordable and within the clients economic means.

Other Program Services

Counselors are certified through MHACBO certification board of Oregon, National Anger Management Association and Association for NAADAC and ADVIP (Association of Domestic Violence Intervention Providers).

DUII Services

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)-DOT


Pre-Emplyment Drug Screening




Family & Individual Counseling

Anger Management

Domestic Violence

Batterer's Intervention